At some point in our lives, we can all feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed, especially in this fast-paced society. Often times, we resist the very things that will get us out of the "rut" because it takes us outside of our comfort zone. As a result, we often get trapped in a vicious cycle of repeating the familiar and getting the same, frustrating outcome. Achieving positive change does ultimately require us to take an unfamiliar, unknown route.

Individual psychotherapy [talk therapy] involves regularly scheduled talks between you and a mental health professional. The sessions may focus on current or past problems, experiences, thoughts, feelings, or relationships. By sharing experiences with a trained empathic person – talking about your world with someone outside it – you're working to gradually come to understand more about yourself and your problems.

As your therapist, I view my role as being a safe, reliable support system as well as providing you with useful tools to become “unstuck” and to cope with the discomfort you may feel when exploring this unfamiliar, unknown route.